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Edward E. Ross Life Profile

Born September 23rd, 1928 in Tonawanda, New York, the son of Charles and Laura Ross.
Attended Tonawanda Elementary Schools. Graduated from Tonawanda High School in June 1946.
During high school, worked at the A&P store in Tonawanda, New York.

After graduation in 1946, was employed at the Tonawanda, New York plant of Remington Rand,
Kardex division as a black iron assembler for filing cabinets. During the employment at this plant, had various positions in the production departments, which included spot welding, press operator and stock room attendant. I was on the pilot production line for the Conveyfiler unit and the Robot Kardex. As I did
not want to be on the production line all of my life, I transferred to the accounting department and was assigned to the timekeeping and payroll areas.

On October 22nd, 1949 I married Shirley Louise Heimgarmer of Tonawanda, New York.
On October 22nd, 1951 we were blessed with a daughter, Robin Lee. On December 10th, 1954 we were blessed with a son, Jay Edward.

Later in life, Robin married Bernard McCarthy and they had two daughters, Meghann and Samantha Jo.
Jay married Maureen Pettine and they had a daughter Amanda and a son, Brandon Jay.

hi 1955, I left Remington Rand and went to work for American Car and Foundry in Buffalo, New York.
I was in the accounting department as a timekeeper. As this firm was under contract to the Department
of Defense for their work, labor troubles caused the plant to close in 1956.

I returned to Remington Rand in 1956 and was employed in the accounting department in the Buffalo,
New York Corporate office. During this time, I took a correspondence course in Cost Accounting and
in two years, received an associate degree in Cost Accounting. I was in charge of the travel accounting
for the employees of the corporate office and the sales personnel of the company. Later I was in charge
of both the travel and accounts payable for the corporate office and three of the manufacturing plants
at Ilion, Herkimer and Utica, New York plants.

During this time, Remington Rand bought the Eckert Mauchly Company and was Remington Rand Univac. In 1960, the company was divided into separate divisions and the Univac Division corporate office was moved to New York City. I was transferred to New York with the Univac Division as Manager of Accounts Payable and Travel. We were located at 315 4th Avenue in New York. My family and I moved to Kendall Park, New Jersey in August 1961, which was just north of Princeton, New Jersey.

In 1963, the company became known Sperry Rand Univac as they were merged with Sperry Gyroscope
and the headquarters was moved to 1290 Avenue of the Americas in New York. We occupied the
Sperry building at Rockefeller Center. During this time, the company Chairman of the Board was
General Douglas Mac Arthur. We were located there until 1965, at which time the corporate offices
of the Univac group was transferred to Blue Bell, Pennsylvania. Again, my family and I moved to
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania in August 1965.

I was placed in charge of the Accounts Payable and Travel functions of the division. During this time,
I also was in charge of the handling for the tax reimbursement of the expatriate employees
on the overseas group.

As the years passed, I was transferred and put in charge of the Commission Department, along with
the tax reimbursement operations. In 1976, I was chosen by the Sperry Univac, Americas Division,
for continuing excellence award for field support to the marketing staff. This award was a trip to
Aculpoca, Mexico with the Marketing Sales Award winners. I continued in the Commission Department
until 1987, at which time the Disbursement was taken over by different management when Sperry Rand merged with Burroughs Corporation for form Unisys.

I was transferred from the Commissions Department to a position a Special Projects Manager for the Disbursements Department. In this position, I was responsible for various projects which included the following:
All Federal Tax Reporting for Unisys, both for 941 forms and all W-2s
Special Projects for data processing of Disbursement Operations
Executive Compensation reconciliation and reporting
Transferring of the Accounts Payable and Commission Departments to the Detroit, Michigan office.

The company started a voluntary retirement program and in February 1992, after serving forty three
(43) years with Remington Rand, Remington Rand Univac, Univac, Sperry Rand Univac, Sperry Rand, Univac and Unisys, I decided to take the early retirement package.

This was a long and mostly enjoyable employment with these firms and the changes that occurred
along the way. I feel that I made a contribution to the company, as I moved with it through all of the consolidations and mergers.

After retiring from Unisys, I worked as Office Manager for the Centre Square Fire Company,
of which I am a Life Member.

I am interested in antique vehicles and have owned a few. I bought and refurbished a 1947
Ward LaFrance fire engine from the Bridgeport, Pennsylvania Fire Company. I owned this unit for approximately seven (7) years and later sold it to a collector in Michigan. I later purchased a
1964 Corvair Monza four door sedan and refurbished it to original condition. I later sold this
vehicle to a person in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Before I sold that car, I purchased a 1964
Corvair Monza convertible and refurbished it to original condition. I still own and show this car.

Edward E. Ross Fire Service Profile

September 1949 - Joined the National Hose Company, Tonawanda, New York
Life Member and 50 year member.
Served as Secretary and Fire Line Officer.
Still a Member of this Company.

May 1961 - Joined Kendall Park Rescue Squad, New Jersey
Member until 1965

August 1961 - Joined Monmouth Junction Fire Company, New Jersey Member until 1965.

September 1965 - Joined the Centre Square Fire Company.
Positions held:
President of CSFC - 1970,1977,1989
President of CSFC Relief Association
Treasurer of CSFC
2002 - Present Treasurer of CSFC Relief Association
2002- Present Assistant Fire Chief CSFC
1968-1970 Fire Chief CSFC
1971-1973,1977-1979,1993-1994 Captain of CSFC Fire Police
2005 & 2006 Office Manager CSFC and Relief
1996-2002 Whitpain Township Fire Marshal

Awards Received: CSFC Life Member-1985
CSFC Fire Police Award - 1991
CSFC Fire Chiefs Award -1991 CSFC
President's Award - 1975-1990-2005 -2011
CSFC Appreciation Award - 2002
CSFC Life Time Recognition Award - 2007
Montgomery County Fire Police District Award - 2006
Montgomery County Fire Training School Recognition Award 1976
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania House of Representatives Citation - 2007

Fire Service Organizations:
Fire Chiefs Aid Association of Montgomery Cty. - Treasurer 1972 to present -
Life Member-1997.
Firemen's Association State of Pennsylvania - Member
Keystone State Fire Chiefs Association - Life Member
Montgomery County Firemen's Association - Past President 1971 - Member
Delaware Valley Judges Association - Deputy Chief, Past Chief, Life Member
Norriton Fire Engine Company-Member
Montgomery County Fire Training School - 1969 to 1976 Instructor and Treasurer
Tonawanda Exempt Volunteer Fireman's Association - Life Member


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